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Kinesitherapy is movement therapy, curative, supportive, and preventive. For me, this is an opportunity to participate directly and be part of the process of recovery and improvement of the patient's health. Together, as a team, with patience, faith, and professionalism we walk the path to health and its harmonious recovery. I am happy with what I do, I enjoy every stage of my work with patients and I am grateful for their trust.

Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system

For neck pain; back pains; periarthritis of the shoulder joint, frozen shoulder; coxarthrosis; condition after knee and hip arthroplasty; condition after traumatic injuries of the shoulder girdle and upper limb; condition after traumatic injuries of the pelvis and lower limb; disc disease.

Therapy of the central and peripheral nervous system

In paresis of the facial nerve; sciatica; traumatic injuries of peripheral nerves; condition after a stroke; multiple sclerosis.

Unconventional rehabilitation

To balance muscle imbalance; balancing the center of gravity; removing tension in soft tissues and improving joint dynamics by removing functional blockages; removal of inflammatory processes; activating the circulation of vital energy in the human body; constructing permanent reflex stimulus; creating an essential oil depot in order to increase immunity; achieving hormonal balance based on the combined approach.

I am Teodora Dragovska

Kinesitherapist and speech therapist

In 1990, I graduated from MC "Yordanka Filaretova" with a specialty "Rehabilitation", and in 2002 I graduated as a kinesitherapist at the National Sports Academy, a specialty "Kinesitherapy". I have 17 years of experience as a specialist, acquired in the neurological department at St. Naum" and 10 years as a senior rehabilitator at Tokuda Hospital. In 2012, I also received a master's degree in "Speech Therapy" at the University of St. Kliment Ohridski". As a speech therapist, I practiced at Chiron and Spekter medical centers. In 2017 I went through training in non-conventional rehabilitation - KAN therapy first degree. Since 2018, I have been a certified Bobat therapist. I have completed PNF courses for advanced 3B, therapeutic approach for stroke patients based on PNF and Bobath concept, postisometric relaxation, electrical stimulation, and kinesio taping.

Speech therapy and rehabilitation

Diagnosis and therapy of speech and language disorders in children and adults

Work with articulation disorders related to the incorrect pronunciation of one or more sounds. It manifests itself as an omission of sound - it is present in children's speech during the speaking period; substitution – replacement of one sound by another; distortion – speaking a non-existent sound in place of a certain difficult sound; stammering; dysarthria – a comprehensive speech disorder in which all components of speech are affected – breathing, phonation, articulation, and prosody. Therapy for aphasia /in adults/ – acquired disorder of language functions, as a result of brain damage.

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