Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Diagnosis and therapy of speech and language disorders in children and adults is performed. Therapies of speech disorders in:

articulation violations – related to the misspelling of one or more sounds. Appears as a missed sound – is present in children’s speech during the speaking period. Usually the symptom is a transient phenomenon and overcomes spontaneously in the process of growth;

replacement – replacing one sound with another. Difficult to speak sound is replaced by another easier. This is the most common symptom of childhood articulation disorder;

distortion – spelling of non-existent sound in place of a certain tough sound.

violation of speech fluency – stuttering. Associated with extending or repeating sounds, syllables, words, phrases;

dysarthria – a total speech disorder that affects all the components of speech – breathing, background, articulation, and prognosis;

aphasia (in adults) – acquired disorder of linguistic functions as a result of brain damage. The language coding / generating ability, the creation of language messages (and language decoding / understanding, the understanding of the accepted language messages) has been impaired. It may appear in a pure form when the disorder affects only linguistic functions, but very often the disorder is related to the impairment of higher cortical functions – gnosis and praxis.