Khan Therapy

Khan massage is a prophylactic-therapeutic balancing system, incorporating elements of Aromatherapy, special Eastern techniques, and especially emphasis on the knowledge of the rich experience of ancient Bulgarian prophylactic-therapeutic folklore. Combining the effectiveness of the above-mentioned systems, khan therapy aims at restoring ancient Bulgarian healing traditions, putting their potential on a scientific basis, to achieve the following goals and tasks:
1 / Balancing Muscle Imbalance.
2 / Balance center of gravity.
3 / Removing tension in soft tissues and improving joints dynamics by removing functional blockages.
4 / Removal of inflammatory processes using Aromatherapy.
5 / Enable the circulation of vital energy in the human body.

6 / Building new stereotypes.
7 / Building permanent reflection incentives.
8 / Creating an essential oil depot to increase immunity.
9 / Achieving harmonious balance on the basis of the combined approach.

As you can see Khan massage has a holistic holistic approach. The idea is to achieve the aforementioned goals, using mainly alternative methods adapted to the modern concepts of modern rehabilitation and kinesitherapy. Using the information from the modern diagnostic tools of Academic Medicine, this method makes it possible to achieve remarkable therapeutic results without the risk of complications resulting from senseless mystification. It can be placed on a broad research base to ensure its dynamism and adaptability.

Following the basic concept of the method, namely the change of negative stereotypes, we can significantly improve the quality of life by saving serious illnesses leading to surgical intervention and disability. It is particularly important to build, achieve new stereotypes. Providing the harmful effects of stress (especially current today), toxicity from harmful eating habits, and the use of modern gastronomic stunts, as well as improper loading of the musculoskeletal system, ensure that this task is achieved. Of course, this can not be done for one or two procedures, but as a consequence of a systematic and programmed impact, which may involve months, even years.

What is meant by “improper loading of the musculoskeletal system”. Each living organism has its own individual zones of physical comfort and is programmed for a certain dose of load, and then needs adequate rest.

Outside of this program the organism is unbalanced and begins to crumble. In order to increase his / her physical potential training is needed, which is achieved by long and well planned training.

In other words, it is equally damaging to sit down all day and every day at the desk or under the same scheme to do heavy physical labor. If during the whole day of your stay at the office you visit the gym and try a full package of services that do not conform to your individual and instant characteristics. Then our organism will surely wonder what we really want from it. This, of course, is further stressed and unbalanced.

The individual approach to Khan therapy is particularly important because it is determined not only by the natural habitat of a person who is subjected to this form of influence but also by the cross-state. The therapist course is planned to prepare an individual consultation sheet after an interview. Depending on the specific needs of the patient, appropriate products are selected.

Khan therapy is a dynamic and adaptive system aimed at improving the quality of life by changing negative stereotypes and expanding overall adaptability. The psycho-somatic factor of the ethereal-oil applications and complexes of exercises is used in the therapeutics. The purpose of this module is to achieve deep postural relaxation – relaxation and deeper muscle structures

Khan Massage allows you to make the right choice. His compilative approach increases the power of a number of alternative methods included in his unique scheme, adapting to the basic concepts of holistic medicine and modern rehabilitation:

1 / Do not hurt!
2 / To have integrity!
3 / To have dynamics and adaptability!