Teodora Dragovska

Why did I decide to become a therapist?

It was like yesterday. I was maternity with my daughter. Then we lived outside the big city. Every day we went for a walk in the small but well-maintained garden of the village. Students were passing by, chatting cheerfully at the end of the classes. Then I stared at them and saw wonderful children with bright smiles on their faces. I asked myself if I could be useful to them with what I know and can be as a therapist. And I decided – I will meet with the school principal and suggest that I make profiled examinations of children for vertebral distortion and overweight. I can not say it was easy. Meetings with the headmaster of the local school and parents began, making individual cards and organizing reviews in child-friendly and teacher-friendly times. It was the beginning. Then it occurred to me to apply for a cabinet project to work with children with vertebral distortions. Here I hit the stone was lacking in my courage and faith that I would be doing it.

Motherhood was over, and I went back to work again. But she stood – the idea was not giving me peace. I remembered the enthusiasm I started with. I remembered the desire to study speech therapy and make the whole therapy for patients in need of rehabilitation and speech therapy. I graduated speech therapy. And as a joke, while I was glad I was already working as a speech therapist in two medical centers with children. At the hospital, I worked with adult patients who suffered a stroke.

The greatest unconditional award to me as a therapist is the joy of seeing the trust, the efforts and the desire of small and large patients to cope and move on.


Why do I think what I do is important?

Helping, feeling helpful, supporting and encouraging patients in difficult times of therapy is important to me. My communication with them, the individual approach to their treatment builds the whole process of successful recovery.

What inspires and motivates me to move forward?

Like every man and I have had doubts or been unsure about choosing a good approach of therapy. At such moments, the support and inspiration of my best friend returned the faith and the confidence in my abilities as a human and therapist. And when I saw on the next day that he/she – patients with mild achieved what until yesterday was difficult and impossible I say: “Well done girl – he/she can handle with this. He / she walks, talks, laughs independently and capable, happy to be himself “.

Having a cabinet for me was a dream, but a difficult situation. “Is it possible, will I deal with this, but if nobody calls and does not ask me for therapy and even advice?” There were questions that worried my mind and my spirit. And then again she- Dimi with unconditional love and trust, faith and inspiration showed me: “it is possible, you can and you are doing it well , go and create a place created by you.” And it happened.

What’s better than being different and unique as emotion and value system. Yes, it impedes communication between people, but also helps to overcome barriers and prejudices, to accept differences among themselves to support, to rejoice and cry together, we are more humane and loving.

The therapist on the other side- patient!

The year is 2007 I just started working in Tokuda Hospital. Nothing and no one can stop me from working – devoted, full of joy and desire. And then, what do you think is happening ?! On the day of my birthday I stumble and fall in front of the elevator in the hospital. What now?! I am on the other side, not a therapist, but a patient. Then I realized, I realized how difficult it was to overcome the fear of pain and insecurity within yourself. How difficult it is to walk with two crutches and how easy to forget to move properly when you have not stepped on your feet for a long time. You feel stiff, the muscles are weak and the body immobile. Thanks to the efforts and professional support and support of my team colleagues, I succeeded in recovering.

What are the life lessons I learned on my way?

You will think, it goes like “on honey and butter.” Yes, but no, as somebody said. Here is my first patient with stroke and severe aphasia / speech impairment. I made the impossible possible – without much experience but with infinite devotion to work with him. We walked slowly, but confidently – first syllables, words, sentences. And then his wife decided to change the speech therapist. I did not know why, but I did not ask. I remember the pain and the insult then, but also the gratitude now, because that’s the good lesson that once you learn you understand how valuable it is and thank you for having it. This is only a small part of the development process you are going through to build yourself, to have the ability and the power to forgive, to thank and to love.

What are my plans for the future?

Every new day is a wonderful new opportunity – to create and to do good, to help and to support, to learn. And the future is here and now. What you are and want to be. Efforts and creativity in work today are related to the future tomorrow when you do not forget to smile, to thank you for the trust and faith in you.

And for the final of my story I will allow myself to quote Exupery and “The Little Prince” – “True only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.”