The foot – to step with confidence

The foot – to step with confidence

The first contact with the ground when one stands up is the foot. It is the support that keeps us upright and the shock absorber that takes the load. With it, we can feel every bump and stone in our shoe, take steps, run, jump, dance – activities in which the foot plays an important role. With its supporting function and its well-shaped arch, it helps us to be stable in every activity of everyday life.

Modestly sized for human height and weight, each foot is made up of 26 bones, 19 muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These structures form a stable, elastic, and strong support that takes the weight of the body.

If you look at your foot, you will see that it is curved from the heel to the toes – a longitudinal arch and from the big toe to the little toe – a transverse arch. A well-shaped arch helps to evenly distribute the weight when walking.

It is interesting that at each step the foot absorbs twice as much load as the human weight, and when running the weight is up to three or four times more.

The feet can be compared to the foundation of a house. In this sense, when the foundation, the support of the house / our body / is strong and stable, we are well upright, walk confidently and move with ease / the house does not sway or curve /. However, in the presence of changes in the arch of the foot such as flat feet / lowering the longitudinal arch /, deformities of the toe / protruding heel /, as well as other changes, there is an unstable, clumsy gait, rapid fatigue, pain that can cover not only the feet, ankles, knees, back and waist. This is often associated with a feeling of heaviness, burning, and swelling. You may have heard, “My legs are throbbing, they’re heavy, I need to lift them high.”

Pay attention to where exactly it hurts and whether you do not load any part of the foot more than others, and how you wear the soles of your shoes.

Here is my recommendation:

  • wear comfortable shoes with low heels / up to 3-4 cm./
  • sports shoes or sneakers
  • if necessary, place a toe separator or insoles in the shoes to lift the arch
  • do massage and gymnastics for the fingers, foot, and ankle
  • bath with sea salt and aromatic oils
  • think before you buy tight or high-heeled shoes
  • slippers or flip flops are not the best choices

How to help yourself:

  • a wet footprint on a sheet of paper will give you information on what they look like and whether there are any changes in the arch. /It’s in the video/
  • five or ten minutes of morning exercise for the fingers, foot, and ankle will improve blood circulation to the muscles, increase tone and be a great start to the day. / In the video you can see the exercises./
  • evening bath with sea salt for tired legs – here’s how: pour a tablespoon of sea salt in a suitable container, add to the salt 1-2 drops of essential oil of tea tree and lavender, and pour lukewarm water. Immerse your feet in the prepared bath. It is good for the water to cover the feet above the ankles.
    self-massage of the feet. / It’s in the video /
  • when you are sitting and resting, raise your legs to a higher surface. This will reduce the swelling and heaviness in them.
  • walk barefoot whenever you can – the uneven surface stimulates blood circulation

A recommendation for exercises in the office

  • place a box or hard wedge under the desk. You can comfortably place your feet on these pads and thus you will avoid tension and swelling in them while working
  • a spare pair of comfortable shoes in the workplace are suitable for feeling tired
  • five-minute office gymnastics will cheer you up and charge you
  • sitting on a gymnastic ball instead of a chair while working is a good approach to balance, support, and stability of the whole body


I heard it for the first time in one of the lectures of Dr. Svetla Baltova. Now I share it with you. “When God expelled Adam from Paradise, he had to come down to earth and cultivate it. The Devil was the master of the earth and told him, “I allow you to cultivate the land, but you must sign a contract that you and your descendants will belong to me.” Adam had nothing to do and signed the contract. The Lord watched for thousands of years as Adam and his descendants struggled, and He decided to end this by sending an angel to earth to take the covenant and break it. The angel came down, grabbed the contract, and rushed to Heaven. The devil saw this and flew after him. At the gates of Paradise, he overtook the Angel and tore off his foot. The angel limped into Heaven. The Lord understood what the work was and said, “I will take the middle part of the man’s foot and glue it to restore your foot.” This is how the arch of our foot was formed. Finally, the Lord said, “This is a sign to remember who freed them from bondage.”