Why does your back hurt at the end of the day?

Back pain and tension, as well as heaviness in the legs, especially at the end of the working day, occur in almost all people, regardless of age and gender. Usually, people accept them as an integral part of their daily lives, which cannot be influenced in any way. In most cases, they do not even notice the changes in their spine that accompany this pain. I often hear, “I’ve been hunched over lately, but I’ll be fine,” or “sometimes my lower back hurts, but it’s hardly serious.”

It is true that these problems usually worsen over time, and if we do not take the necessary treatment and prevention measures, complaints and pain become chronic.

Sitting in the wrong and uncomfortable position for a long period of time can lead to stress on the muscles of the spine, especially in the neck and lower back and to the appearance of degenerative changes in the cervical and lumbar discs, as well as the appearance of disc disease. It is associated with inflammation and chronic pain. Symptoms of pain limit the flexibility and mobility of the spine, and movements become limited and gentle.

Chronic back pain is a deeply painful, dull, or burning sensation. It usually starts in the lower back and then moves down the legs. It is prolonged and worsens when you have to sit in the same position for a long period of time, and performing simple tasks such as bending or lifting an object becomes difficult and painful, and in some cases impossible.

In my practice, I have the opportunity to create an individual complex for each patient according to the specific needs, including therapeutic massage and targeted exercises to mobilize the muscles of the back and waist, correct posture and affect pain.